Science changes – and so should rational behaviour

This article is republished from The Conversation (24/11/2021) under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. Ruth Stewart, University of Johannesburg and Carina van Rooyen, University of Johannesburg The world around us, and the way researchers study and understand it, changes all the time. The constant change means that what we know through scienceContinue reading “Science changes – and so should rational behaviour”

Sexual Orientation

Frederik B O Nel April 2019 1       Introduction Discussing sexual orientation can be a lot more complex than allowed for by the time and space available today. We are confronted with acronyms like LGBTI+ LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer/questioning), which already shows us how complicated sexual orientation is – even for thoseContinue reading “Sexual Orientation”

Dependence in Pastoral Work and the Church as Institution (in the mind)

DEPENDENCE IN PASTORAL WORK AND THE CHURCH AS INSTITUTION (IN THE MIND) Frederik B O Nel, SAAP Conference, August 1998 1       Introduction Pastoral work as a dynamic activity takes place within the sphere of religion, and in terms of the Christian religion, within the realm of the church. The church is not only a theologicalContinue reading “Dependence in Pastoral Work and the Church as Institution (in the mind)”

Reaksie op Burgermeester se anti-gay standpunt – Junie 2018

BRIEF AAN GEORGE HERALDEk verwys na die artikel in die George Herald van 14 Junie 2018, waarvolgens George se Burgemeester hom op ’n plaaslike radiostasie in ’n verklaring gedistansieer het van die feit dat die Boston Gay Choir se konsert onder die vaandel van die George Munisipaliteit aangebied word.Volgens die artikel sou hy gesê hetContinue reading “Reaksie op Burgermeester se anti-gay standpunt – Junie 2018”

Education central to creating employment – January 2018

Unemployment, inequality and poverty are often mentioned as the main issues the government of South Africa should urgently attend to. We know there is no silver bullet to solve all problems, but the single underlying problem we urgently need to attend to is our education system. The systemic problems of our education system are notContinue reading “Education central to creating employment – January 2018”