Moral self-licensing leadership

Moral self-licensing, often overlooked, is one of the lenses through which we can look to help us to understand the political culture of the ruling party. This is because it negates a sense of shame for and personal responsibility for morally dubious behaviour.                                                                           This phenomenon is well documented in research studies done in different contexts (Merritt, EffronContinue reading “Moral self-licensing leadership”

Is Black Monday helping South Africa, November 2017

This article first appeared in The Intelligence Bulletin  7/11/2017 Direct link to original article: The call for protest against farm murders, as well as the protest actions on so-called Black Monday, 29 October 2017, have led to opposing reactions. Interviews with participants in this peaceful protest create the impression that it was an emotionalContinue reading “Is Black Monday helping South Africa, November 2017”

Dealing with terminally ill and dying people

“… dying people can face the reality of life much better than caregivers often realize” (Nouwen, Henry 1994. Our Greatest Gift. A Meditation on Dying and Caring, 91) It is expected, rightly so, that we should be sensitive to the feelings and emotions of a terminally ill person. There is also the danger that inContinue reading “Dealing with terminally ill and dying people”

Health Insurance

Health insurance is complicated – simplicity won’t do Minister Aaron Motsoaledi South Africa’s present national health care is not sustainable, but Minister Aaron Motsoaledi’s approach does not sufficiently deal with the complexities of the issue. As minister of health Dr Motsoaledi, is doing a good job at national level with limited available resources. His taskContinue reading “Health Insurance”

When is the risk of cheating greatest and why

Research undertaken by Effron, Bryan and Murnighan takes a deep and extensive look at when we are ethically at our most vulnerable to be dishonest. It was submitted for publication in March 2015. The researchers specifically excluded certain well-known explanations for cheating behaviour in order to get greater clarity on the reasons for their findings.TheirContinue reading “When is the risk of cheating greatest and why”